Our Senior Pastor, Brenda Newman, considers herself blessed to have had her life shaped by faith and family. Her understanding of the Christian life is developed around John Wesley’s emphasis that faith and works belong together. She believes that faith transforms the believer and the grace of God empowers us to do good works.
Good works, a strong work ethic, and high principles were the values passed on to her by loving parents. Pastor Brenda prays and strives to pass these same values on to children and the parishioners she serves.
You can contact the Pastor directly at

Kim Hastings

Director of Children's Ministries & Playschool

Sandy Cantliffe

Office and Financial Manager

Brian Edwards

Director of Youth and Discipleship

Laurin Allred

Director of Music and Creative Arts

Blake Cummings

Facilities Manager

Alison Ludemann

Church Secretary


Kimberly Cranford

Infant Room

Lindsey Cook

Infant Room

Cheryl Bergman

Toddler Room

Kate Wood Hudson

2-Year Old Room

Jamie Wilkins

2-Year Old Room

Tracy Johnson

2-Year Old Room

Vickie Brown

3-Year Old Room

Tamar Day

3-Year Old Room

Cindy Robertson

4-5-6-Year Old Room

Contact Us
Muir’s Chapel UMC
314 Muirs Chapel Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
Tel: 336-299-1913
Fax: 336-299-2846

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