Muir’s Chapel United Methodist Church is a multi-generational church located in Greensboro, NC that was founded in 1822. We are a loving congregation that welcomes all people.
Our services are a celebration of life, love and fellowship when we honor the God who created us. We gather in God’s name, sing, pray, and join together. We listen for God’s guidance to be given through scripture readings and our pastor’s reflections. We respond to God’s love through prayer, through offering gifts, and through dedicating ourselves to Christ’s service.
Our Senior Pastor Reverend Brenda Newman and our membership encourage you to join us and enhance our fellowship of love at Muir’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

Vacation Bible School Was a BIG

Boy! Were we blessed this weekend with Vacation

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About the

Our pastor at Muirs Chapel United Methodist

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Sunday School Activities Keep Children

At Muirs Chapel United Methodist Church, Sunday

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