Our Church has a rich and long-standing history within the community. Muir’s Chapel was founded in 1822 by Jeremiah Dodson, a local preacher from the west. He held the first services under brush arbors and the shade of oak trees on the existing grounds. After his services, the Charge, the basic governing body of each United Methodist local church, was organized. At this time, Reverend Thacker Muir was assigned to the Charge and he remains the church’s namesake.
Reverend Muir cut the first log for the Log Meeting House, a replica of which remains on the grounds. In his honor, the church was named Muir’s Chapel. The Log Meetinghouse was replaced in 1875 by a one-room weatherboard building. This was moved across the road to the cemetery when the present sanctuary was constructed in 1903. The latter was enlarged, remodeled, and brick-veneered during the years 1929-32, and the grounds were landscaped for the first time.
The first educational building, called the Smoak Building, was built in 1940, and the following year, the church got its first full-time pastor, W. Kenneth Goodson. Camp meetings were an annual event at harvest time until they were replaced by revivals, around the turn of the century. Pre-Easter services replaced the revivals in 1942. The Smoak Building now houses the church offices, an education wing added in the fifties, and the Boren Building was dedicated in 1960.
The Church has been rebuilt and remodeled several times in more recent years, with the present sanctuary completed in 1980. The latest addition is our Kale Christian Center, which houses our Playschool, classrooms, and the contemporary worship auditorium.

The present membership is thriving and constantly seeking new ways to reach out to people in our community for Jesus Christ. Pride in our heritage is combined with an awareness of the present evangelistic opportunities awaiting us.

Our Senior Pastor, Brenda Newman, considers herself blessed to have had her life shaped by faith and family. Her understanding of the Christian life is developed around John Wesley’s emphasis that faith and works belong together. She believes that faith transforms the believer and the grace of God empowers us to do good works.
Good works, a strong work ethic, and high principles were the values passed on to her by loving parents. Pastor Brenda prays and strives to pass these same values on to children and the parishioners she serves.

Contact Us
Muir’s Chapel UMC
314 Muirs Chapel Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
[email protected]
Tel: 336-299-1913
Fax: 336-299-2846

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