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Community Angels

For the past several years, Muir’s Chapel has partnered with Morehead Elementary (our community school) to help provide Christmas for the underprivileged. 

The guidance counselors and teachers work together to identify those in need.  This has been such a blessing since I began the initiative, and I know it is meaningful to our church and the families we touch. 

We provide Christmas for all walks of life – we are God’s heart, hands, feet and so much more.  This year we have been provided with 166 children to help with Christmas magic.  This is by far the most we have ever had! 

I am by nature a very anxious person, but ever since we began this partnership, God has always provided.  I will be set up in the Fellowship Hall the next few Sundays with the children who are available. 

We ask that you spend at least $40 on each child – they provide us with clothing needs and one wish item.  This year we have several that just want coats – nothing else. 

We have a tendency to take so much for granted – and I am truly grateful for all that God provides for me and my family.  I will provide you with a Green gift tag that contains the child’s name, sex, and their wish. 

All gifts need to be returned to the church office, individually wrapped and in a big bag with the green card attached.  The gifts need to be returned NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 9TH, as this big old elf has a lot to do to get them ready for pick up on December 14th!  The families are invited to a breakfast on the 14th to pick up their gifts – and the magic in the kid’s eyes – will warm your heart.  Alison Ludemann will also be offering a sign up in the church bulletin in case you can’t get to church to pick up an angel. 

As always, thanks for your support and love for this ministry!  Let’s make sure all these kids get adopted – and quickly!!

With much love—

Kim Hastings

Author: MCUMCweb

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