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Music Worship Embraced by MCUMC Members

The music and worship ministries at Muir’s Chapel United Methodist Church elevate the experience for members and offers up praise to Jesus Christ. We believe that excellent music both prepares and elevates hearts for worship. Our music, through praise band, choir, bells, children and instruments, present the saving message of Jesus and provides the opportunity to share our church message to the community. Members of all ages gather to enjoy the combination of wonderful music and a meaningful Christian message in all our services.

Our Praise and Worship Service meets in the Kale Christian Center Gym at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. This dynamic service is rich with a new language of music, prayer, drama and visual arts.  The service is enhanced by our Worship Team comprised of experienced singers, instrumentalists, and audio/visual technicians.

“Music and song play a vital role in the life of God’s people today,” says Laurin Allred, Director of Music & Worship Arts at the church. “Music is always in the background of people’s lives; words to songs are often written deeply on people’s hearts.  By striving for excellent music in our worship we engage the hearts as well as the minds of those who come to praise God together.”

We encourage you to come celebrate with us at this vibrant and life-changing service!

Our 11:00 Sunday celebration features the music of our nationally-recognized Chancel Choir, and crew of talented instrumentalists.  Everyone is always welcome.

For more information about Muirs Chapel United Methodist Church, our service schedule, and all the programs we offer, please call 336-299-1913 and visit our website at www.muirschapelumc.com.

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